Objectives of the Association

  • advance the science and practice of pest control by collaborating with research interested organisations
  • assist its members with information regarding trends and new developments as well as keeping them informed of amendments of existing laws by government, provincial and municipal bodies
  • cooperate with government, provincial and local authorities in the promotion of public health for the good of the community and the pest control industry
  • cooperate with scientific and educational institutions and other organisations in matters of interest to the industry
  • represent the industry at various stakeholder levels
  • motivate its members to only use best industry practices in their business conduct
  • encourage the use of products of high quality, following the correct application methods and maintenance of appliances and the safe and correct storage of products
  • foster cooperation amongst members
  • cooperate with other overseas organisations which have similar or allied objectives
  • to conform to the laws and regulations affecting the pest control industry

SAPCA Bylaws

SAPCA Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)

SAPCA Standard Operating Procedure