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Who we are

Established in 1964 the South African Pest Control Association functions as the voice for the South African Pest Control Industry & provides its members with an extensive range of support services focusing on the following key areas:

The SAPCA is commissioned by the Government in terms of the Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development of Act, 1947 (Act No. 36 of 1947) to serve and protect the safety and health of the public by establishing and maintaining minimum standards of practice, knowledge and skills of registered pest management applicators in the country as well as to establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among them.

The discretion provided for in the Act to make use of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as mechanism to determine renewal of registration gives SAPCA the opportunity to comply with both the renewal of registration and CPD requirements. SAPCA will therefor institute a system of CPD, which is linked to renewal of registration for all registered  pest management applicators.

The Professional body, PCIPC (Pest Control Industries Professional Council), has been established to proactively work and promote pest control practices in and open forum free of any political or commercial agenda, so as to protect the health and safety and well-being of the South African public and to protect the integrity of the South African Pest Control Environment and practices.

PCITA is a reputable training organisation, which will maintain an independent and credible position within the pest management industry providing high-quality, industry standard training programmes at competitive prices to existing and potential customers. The Pest Control Training Academy is committed to establish an ongoing strategic planning process by which the needs are to offer high industry standard training. PCITA Is associated with registered, experienced training facilitators and qualified registered Assessors of high esteem in all regions.

CropLife South Africa

CropLife SA is a non-profit industry association that serves and represents responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of sustainable crop protection, public health and plant biotechnology solutions in South Africa.

We enable our members to be providers of environmentally compatible solutions that ensure sustainable, safe and affordable food production, and therefore food security, in South Africa.

CropLife South Africa offers a wealth of resources, training, regulatory assistance and industry updates to its members. In addition, we are the leading industry voice for our members in matters pertaining to crop protection and plant biotechnology in South Africa.

SAPCA is a proud member of CropLife South Africa



Woodborer Inspection Clause in Deeds of Sales & Offer to Purchase

The Parties agree that; Prior to registration of transfer the Seller, at his expense, have all the accessible timbers of the property inspected by a S.A.P.C.A – registered Inspector for the infestation by Wood-destroying [organisms or beetles, termites, including harvester termites]

Note: {Organisms cover all timber pests i.e. fungi dry & wet rot and insects} and a report with recommendations  shall be given to the Seller. Where infestation is found, the recommendations made shall be carried out in full, in terms of Act 36 of 1947 and /or SABS Code 0124 and 0204.

Upon receipt of a Certificate of Clearance issued by the said Inspector that there is no infestation apparent on first inspection, or that any infestation report has been dealt with as foresaid, the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Seller.


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