Professional Pest Control Training at SAPCA

Pest control training is one of the essential aspects that you have to go through before you can become a qualified professional in the industry. Working with pests problems is not always easy and you need to know the kind of treatment is necessary, as well as the different products that are available to use.

Working with customers can be challenging at times, as you need to explain to them the process that you use, what kind of chemicals you will be using as well as the best option for them to go for when ridding their home of pests. They might also require more than one quotation from various pest control companies, allowing you to provide a cost effective solution and a competitive quotation based on what you will provide them with. People, especially home owners, do not always understand how pest control work and you might need to carefully explain your processes.

As a professional pest control specialist, you might want to consider additional training as there are always new products on the market and new techniques that you can learn from. It is essential to always provide your customers with the best option for their particular environment and this involves knowing your products and the different processes that are involved. Customers might also want to know what they can do to prevent pests from infesting their homes again and you need to explain to them what that they can do and give them helpful tips and advice that they will understand and appreciate.

Benefitting from Pest Control Training


Obtaining pest control training can also be helpful if you want to offer your customers different solutions. They won’t always want to use chemicals that can be harmful to their environment, especially if they have animals around the house, or children to look out for. A qualified pest control operator can offer alternative ways to do treatments

There are many different pests that can infiltrate a home, most commonly these are cockroaches, flies, mice, rats, termites and ants. There are different chemicals for different pests, which is not always environmentally friendly. This is why you need to know the difference between them, as well as the possible dangers that they might pose. It is also important to consider the environment and any animals that might live on the premises, as you want to protect them and make sure that you use the correct method of treatment which is not harmful to them.

SAPCA is the South African Pest Control Association and we provide assistance to pest control specialists. We can also assist with pest control training for industry professionals who want to stay on top of their game and become familiar with new research and techniques. We offer brand awareness, and internal support to our members across South Africa.

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