Rodents in South Africa

Rodents in South Africa Present a Variety of Potential Dangers


There are three main species of rodents regarded as pests in South Africa – the black rat, the Norway rat and the house mouse.  Although physical sightings of these may be relatively rare in many areas, their numbers are, nevertheless, prolific. It has been calculated that thirty rats are born during each second of the day, compared with just one human baby. Among the vertebrates, these creatures are rated as only second to the human race in terms of their destructive abilities. So, if your property should become infested, there is clearly a need for some prompt remedial action.


The risk posed by these pests is not limited to the damage they do or to the food supplies that they consume or render inedible. In addition, they are cited as the vectors for a variety of diseases and, for instance, all three can enable the spread of various Salmonella species through their droppings. Rats and mice are seldom free of fleas and these, in turn, also act as vectors for some very unpleasant diseases including murine typhus and bubonic plague.


As if these were not enough, the rodents in South Africa have even more to answer for. Water supplies contaminated by rat urine can transmit a disease known as Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease to humans and pets. The condition is characterised by fever and jaundice and, untreated, can sometimes lead to organ failure and death.


We have established that these pests represent more than a little collateral damage to the dry goods in your larder, or the electrical cables in your walls. So what is the most appropriate way in which to rid your premises of these uninvited guests?  The hardware stores and supermarkets all stock traps and various types of poison that claim to get the job done but rats and mice can be quite adept at avoiding both. In fact, for an effective and lasting solution to the problem, some help from the professionals is strongly recommended.


Unfortunately, a catchy name and a smart van provide no guarantee that the owner is up to the task. When you are in search of an experienced company to eliminate rodents and other infestations, it will pay you to keep an eye open for the SAPCA logo.


The South African Pest Control Association was established in 1964 to provide a voice for the industry. Today, we also offer widespread support to those registered with the Association. This includes keeping them apprised of the latest research and technological advances. Consequently, all SAPCA-registered firms are enabled to provide the best possible service to those afflicted by rodents in South Africa.

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