The Need for Pest Control in Randburg

When examining the need for pest control, whether in Randburg or elsewhere in South Africa, it is surprising just how extensive these services often need to be. Most locals will, at some time, have experienced the odd encounter with cockroaches, termites, a hornet’s nest or even an occasional rat and will have most likely tackled such problems with a rolled-up newspaper, a commercial pesticide spray or a suitable trap as appropriate. However, where there’s a serious infestation, more stringent measures will be required and these should be left to a professional pest management operator.


Use of the correct equipment and chemical agents in any extermination operation is important, not only to deal effectively with the infestation but also to prevent any damage to the premises and its furnishings as well as ensuring the safety of its occupants. For these reasons it is wise to seek some evidence of credibility from any company that you may choose to retain for this purpose.


In 1964 a local organisation was formed in affiliation with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the corresponding international body and the largest of its kind in the world. From its offices in Centurion SAPCA acts to keep its members up to date with the information relating to recent research in the field and with any new and improved methodologies that are applicable to pest control. So before committing to a particular firm, it is worth taking the time to check whether it is registered with SAPCA.


In certain circumstances and in sufficient numbers, any creature may become problematical and the industry is called upon regularly to deal with a surprisingly wide range of species. Among the insects that often cause issues are ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, bees, wasps, fleas, fish moths and quite a few more. In addition to the mammalian culprits; rats and mice, birds such as pigeons can also create extensive damage when they set up home in the walls of roof space of a home and the knowledge of their habits and vulnerabilities is essential to manage their effective elimination.


Occasionally, the requirements may be a little more exotic than eliminating insects and small rodents. These could, for instance, require the assistance of a specialist such as a beekeeper or an expert skilled in the handling of snakes. Even in urban areas, encounters with a rinkhals or a boomslang are certainly not unheard of and their continued presence is potentially extremely dangerous unless dealt with by an experienced professional.


Whether your invaders are large or small, dangerous or merely a nuisance, a SAPCA member offers the assurance of professional pest control in Randburg and throughout South Africa.

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